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King Arthur told Merilin that his barons would give him no rest until he found a wife, and asked his advise. 
So he went to Merilin and said that he loved Guinevere, the daughter of King Leodogran who holds in his house the famous Round Table.
So Merilin came to King Leodogran, and told him that King Arthur desired his daughter, the fair Guinevere, for his wife.
"This is good news for me", said King Leodogran, "that so noble and powerful a king as he should wish to marry my only daughter. I shall send him a gift also that will please him more than lands. I shall give him the Round Table. which his father, King Uther, gave to me.'

So the king gave his daughter, Guinevere to Merilin to bring her to King Arthur for his wife, and also the Round Table with its husband famous knights.
When King Arthur heard that Guinevere was coming he was very happy, for he had loved her for a long time. He was even more pleased with the gift of the Round Table and the hundred knights.
The merriage of King Arthur and Guinevere was celebrated with great festivities. The Knights of the Round Table, who were the most powerful and the most worthy in all the land, were blessed in their seats. In every seat was the name, in letters of gold, of the knights who sat there. 
King Arthur loved Queen Guinevere, and he did many great deeds in her honour.  

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