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Arthur was a famous king of England. He lived such a long time ago that we know very little about him. This king had such strange adventures, and did such wonderful things, that people have never tired of writing and reading about him and his famous Knights of the Round Table.
It was not until Arthur had grown to young manhood, that he knew he was of royal blood.
It happened that the baby was given to Merilin, who was supposed to know all things as he was magician. Merilin took him to Sir Ector, who brought the child up as his own son< and Sir Ector's wife cared for him, and they called him Arthur.
After the first prayers were said, a large four-sided stone was discovered in the churchyard in which was a sword called Excalibur, Around the sword, written in letters of gold, were these words: 

The lords went out to look at the stone and the sword. As soon as they saw the words that were written about the sword, they tried to move it; but in vain.  "It will be made known to us," said the archbishop. So it was decided that ten famous knights should guard the sword until one came who should be able to move it. 
There was a great contest, when it was hoped it would be revealed to them who should be made king. All the barons came forth to the contest to try their skill. Among them rode Sir Ector, and with him his son, Sir Kay, and his foster-son, young Arthur.
Sir Kay had no sword  with him, having left his at his father's castle. He therefore asked Arthur to ride home for his sword and bring it to him. "I will, indeed", said Arthur, and rode as fast as he could; but when he reached the castle there was no one there to give him his brother's sword, for all had gone to the contest. 

Then Arthur, being angry, said to himself: "I will ride to the churchyard, and take the sword from within the stone, for my brother, Sir Kay, shall not be without a sword this day". When Arthur got to the churchyard, there was no one there. All the knights had gone to the contest to try their skill. Then Arthur, quickly and easily, pulled the sword out of the stone, and rode away to give it to his brother. As soon as Sir Kay sawit, he knw it was the sword of the stone, and went to his father, Sir Ector, and cried:
"Sir, here is the sword of the stone that appeared in the churchyard. It means that I am chosen King of England."
When Sir Ector looked at the sword, he rode again to the churchyard, with Sir Kay and Arthur, where he made Sir Kay swear that he had got the sword. 
"Sir," said Sir Kay, "my brother< Arthur, brought it to me."
"And how did you get it?" asked Sir Ector of Arthur.
Then Arthur told how he had ridden to the castle for his brother's sword, and found no one there to give it to him. Knowing that Sir Kay should have a sword, he rode to the churchyard where he had seen the sword, and pulled it out of the stone easily.
"Were there no knights about the swod?" asked Sir Ector.
"No," answered Arthur.
"Then," exclaimed Sir Ector to Arthur, "I know now that you are chosen King of England."
"Why should I be king?" asked Arthur.
"Sir," said Sir Ector, "because of the prediction that no man, except the one that should draw out this sword shall be king of this land."
Then Sir Ector told Arthur to put the sword as it had been before, that he might see for hinself. So Arthur put the sword in the stone easily, Then Sir Ector tried to pull it out, but he could not move it. 
"Now you try," said Sir Kay to Arthur, "I will indeed," said Arthur , and he pulled the sword out as easily as he had done before. 
Then Sir Ector told Arthur both knelt on the ground before him.
"My father and my brother!" cried Arthur. "Why should you kneel to me?"
"No, no, I am not your father," exclaimed Sir Ector, "nor am I even of your blood, which I now know is higher than I thought."
Then Sir Ector told Arthur how he was brought to him, soom after he was born, and had been to him like his own son.
Arthur was sorry to hear that Sir Ector, who had cared for him, was not his father. Arthur promised Sir Ector that if ever he (Arthur) should become king, he would never fail to do whatever Sir Ector might ask for him. Then the archbishop was told how the sword had been won, and by whom.
King Arthur righted many wrongs that had been done since his father's death. The lands that had been taken from lords, knights, and ladies were returned to them, and he ruled the kingdom well. 


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